About Us

We are accredited in ISO17020 and ISO17025 which allow us to provide customers with product certification and Annual Audit services. To verify the scope of the accreditation, please go to the option “About us / Accreditation” and find the links to the corresponding documents.

Global Lab is a company dedicated exclusively providing personalized professional information security services and IT Solutions.

Our staff is formed by certified cybersecurity professionals and other certifications specialised in providing a broad portfolio of services aimed at protecting the information of your organisation. We are the only company in the region that provides advanced online training and certifications on Penetration Testing from a vendor neutral perspective with training materials in English and Spanish.

Key Factor

The capabilities that Global Lab can provide in a verifiable manner are essential to ensure the success of the project and are based on the following reasons:

  • Know how accumulated through years of experience.
  • Culture oriented to the solution and the client.
  • Internationally certified and experienced work team.
  • Ability to integrate with the client and work as a team.
  • Efficiency in the management and execution of complex projects.
  • Customer information is protected and treated with the highestdegree of confidentiality.
  • The methodologies and forms of work used are aligned with the mainstandards of Information Security.


To be a partner of our clients, offering them high quality professional services carried out by certified experts who, applying their knowledge, will contribute to achieve their objectives by adding added value to your organization.


Nowadays, the implementation of technologies is not a sufficient barrier since the company must mitigate the risks associated with them, human resources and the valuable information that it has.

Global Lab is aware of this reality and therefore aims to protect yourinformation and resources to prevent potential attackers from stealing, adulterating and or destroying it and thus damaging the image of the company.


The professionalism and neutrality of the services offered makes Global Lab the best partner of your organisation since it provides integral, real and effective solutions, adaptable to your needs with the highest quality and following international standards.


The professionals that make up Global Lab have extensive experience in the area of Information Security and IT solutions.

Below are some of the international certifications that our team hold:

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